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Good day to you, young man (or lovely lady)! I am Erik, Trampoli's finest farmer. Please feel free to stop by anytime for seeds, crops, or helpful farming advice!

Also, no need to keep asking me whether or not I have a girlfriend...because I have the most wonderful wife a guy could ever ask for!

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Anonymous said: Do you like arts and crafts activities? Do you do them with the twins?

Hehe, not usually on my own…but I’m always up for joining in when Mason treats painting a straight line like a lifesaving medical procedure while Lucia gets paint all over the place!

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Nothing in Particular [Erik/Bianca]


There wasn’t even that much in the letter. *She sighs, the built up frustration caused by the whole situation almost ready to spill out.* And you should have told me! I would have rather heard it from you. 

The nerve of him writing me a letter and having Rosie deliver it! And he talked about how the twins wouldn’t be getting any future financial support from him and his family. And why did he even need to bring that up, huh? It’s like he’s just trying to— to remind me of how cut off I am from them. T-Trying to make me think that I made a terrible decision!

*She’s rubbing at her eyes, thick tears running down her face and onto Erik’s shirt. Sniffling, she tries to ease her uneven breathing before she starts shaking.* B-But that’s n-not true! They all think I just threw my life away but I— I didn’t. *By this point she’s clutching onto Erik, sobbing onto his chest so to muffle the noise.*

I know, it was wrong of- /Cuts himself off, knowing that she needs to talk and that all he can do right now is listen/

/However, the extent of her frustration was a great deal more than he’d expected, and hearing it is really painful…and he hates that all he can do now is hold her without actually making any of the underlying problem just go away/

No…you didn’t… /Pauses before saying anything more/ I have no idea why he thought to throw in the financial jab, out of all the reminders…but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand why… /sighs/ Well, it would make the most sense for them to just hate me. Although I don’t approve of taking the time to sit back and hate someone, I really would be the most obvious choice. /Frowns, doing the best he can to brush tears off her face from the position it’s in/ But you…and our children…I can’t even begin to imagine that…

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Nothing in Particular [Erik/Bianca]


That’s alright… Um… *She looks up at him pondering if she should bring this up or not. Shaking her head, a brief smile appears on her face.* No, nothing in particular.

*To distract herself, she plays with the soft fabric of his t-shirt and focuses on her fingers.* It’s just that I got a letter from my uncle— Herman. My cousin Rosalind delivered it personally.

/When she brings up the letter, he frowns, hugging her a little more tightly/ I see…

…I’m sorry. I should have told you that I’d gone to Alvarna, and that I’d found out…about how some of your family still… /Sighs heavily, unable to finish the sentence/ I-I was afraid of upsetting you, really…that’s why I didn’t say anything…

/Taking another deep breath/ So I’d imagine the contents of this letter weren’t exactly pleasant, were they?

snobby-bratty-richy-me said: *After brushing her teeth and putting on her sleep clothes, she crawled into bed and laid down on her side, facing Erik. A blank look on her face, she stared at her husband, waiting for him to look at her or say something. When he doesn't, she inches over to him and buries her face in his side.* Erik... Can we talk?

/After a long day, his mind has gotten tired as well, but he’s not asleep yet. He’s completely spaced out, though, until the sound of Bianca’s voice and the snuggling prompt him to return to reality, and he turns to face her/ Ah! S-Sorry, I don’t know why I completely zoned out like that all of a sudden…

/Takes a deep breath and brings her closer with one arm, then bringing the other across to hold her in a sort of side-hug/ Of course, we can always talk…but is something in particular the matter? /He knows the answer is probably yes, and that if the answer is no, then she’s probably hiding whatever it is/

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Too much excitement — Erik/Danny


Danny slowly peered up at him from his sad state at the window, half-lidded exasperated eyes watching his friend as he spoke. He guessed that was true, but… He still felt so terrible. “Of course no one dislikes me, but no one… Likes me.” He turned, running a hand through his hair and leaning against the window,
"I mean… You’re the only person here who comes by just to see me, not because they finally ran out of something and I’m the only store in town." He let out an aggrivated sigh,

"… A while, I guess. You havn’t been around. I’ve been missing home." He mumbled, "but its so far away… I don’t want to take the trip only to leave again after a week. I don’t know what to do, Erik."

Erik sighed. “I’m sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with you as much lately…and really, I do feel bad about it. Like I’m not being a loyal friend, and that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m going to do better…”

He smiled a little, trying to get Danny to look at him and see it. “I have an idea. During the times that might be slower, around midday, for example, you could just…step outside for a few minutes. Walk around for a bit. I know that sometimes, other people in town do the same. If you run into someone, talk to them.” He paused. “And it might be difficult at first. Just walking out that door is half the battle, but once you do that, you’ll feel better. Like you’ve accomplished something.”

He pursed his lips, unsure if he should bring up the next point he had in mind…but he decided he might as well. “Before I…had other people who I had to look out for…on some days, I’d wake up feeling so…down. It would almost be painful just to get out of bed.” Those mornings were the ones that usually closely followed the horrible nightmares that continued to plague him all these years later, but…he didn’t need to share that part. “But when I got that far, the rest of the day was easier. I felt much better as it went on. Maybe, for a short period of time, it would have been easier just to stay in bed all day. There were a couple of times where I did. Years ago, but I remember them well. And I’d feel awful once I’d realized I’d missed a whole day of work just because I was upset about something that really didn’t matter.”

Looking over at Danny again, he offered a smile. “If you think it would help, I’d be happy to go with you if I’m able to. Socializing with people to the point of nearly bothering them is a strength of mine, as you know!”

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Unknowingly Uncomfortable [Erik/Rosie]


Gently biting her lower lip, looking from Erik to his children and back again as a feeling of guilt started to twist her heart. Nonetheless, she did her best to stand her ground on the matter at hand. 

"… … …" Quietly, "there’s no need to apologize, Monsieur Erik, I am just informing you of what I was told— which was to keep contact with Bianca and yourself to a minimum if at all. I understand my Uncle has long since reconciled with my cousin, as you say, but there are still some feelings of … animosity, to put it bluntly, on my side of the family. "

Rosalind didn’t want him to leave feeling as if his visit was all for naught and so far she assumed he had the feeling that his trip was most certainly turning into something much more then a friendly visit.

"I …" she sighed, very well knowing that what she was to say next could land her in serious trouble with Herman.

"Perhaps, as circumstances are, I could come to Trampoli and visit your family— to keep you all in touch with the events unfolding on my side, of course. Y-You see, a dear friend lives there. Eunice, and after our visits I often have to wait for my carriage to return, it taking a few hours to do so … I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I, myself, would like to keep in touch with the man that made my dear cousin fall head over heels for …"

"But as of now, that’s all I can offer you, I can’t let you come into the house nor will I be allowed to be seen with you like this in such a public setting … Do you understand?"

Erik was doing his best to listen to Rosalind speak, but his own thoughts were deafening. There had been plenty of Bianca’s family at the wedding, but…if Rosalind’s family still felt so much resentment, then how many more felt that way? And more importantly, why hadn’t Bianca said anything to him? The idea of so many people feeling so negatively about Bianca for something that very heavily involved him…well, he just had to focus on the two small hands (of two small people) that he was holding.

He was about to protest, saying that while Bianca would no doubt love to see her cousin again, she shouldn’t risk receiving her father’s wrath. But he stopped, and his heart fluttered slightly when she referred to him as the one with whom Bianca had fallen head over heels.

That’s right…he was such a damned idiot. There was no question he loved and adored her, and would do anything for her happiness…but she loved him back just as much. They were married, for crying out loud, and it was their job to support and love each other, always…that was the promise they’d made.

So, they were in this together…that should have been obvious to him. Still, he needed to talk to Bianca. He needed to make sure that the pain she undoubtedly felt - because even if she wouldn’t admit it to him, there still had to be some - hadn’t been weighing too heavily on her, and making her suffer in silence.

"I-I understand…and I’m very sorry that my presence made you even have to consider going against what your father wants…but I do think Bianca would appreciate a visit. And I’d like to get to know you better as well…I’m always happy to talk to someone who has an appreciation for science, after all! But…only when you see fit, of course."

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Special Lessons | Sara and Ivan and Erik


*Blinks, speechless and rather embarrassed by Sara’s choice of language* Now, Sara, I don’t think that sort of word choice is necessary, but… Let’s just move on.

Okay now, Abby and Stan will demonstrate. Erik, Sara, please watch carefully. *Slowly has the puppets put the condom on the banana, occasionally looking up to make sure the two spectators are paying attention*

H-Hey, since when am I a student too?! I-If I had continued my formal education, I’d probably be in grad school by now!

/Shuts up and watches the demonstration for a few seconds…but then slowly turns away again/ …

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