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Good day to you, young man (or lovely lady)! I am Erik, Trampoli's finest farmer. Please feel free to stop by anytime!

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So I just got out of the hospital this morning after being there since literally the start of 4/21. And I’m completely fine, other than feeling wayyyy disconnected from the real world. Not that long without technology, but hoooooly crap, do I feel out of the loop!

Now who do I owe and such? It looks like we’ve got a lot of new and returning folks, so yay for that too!

/Immediately springs into action on “Project Make My Kids Into Adorable Bunnies”/


/Immediately springs into action on “Project Make My Kids Into Adorable Bunnies”/

/Holding the twins off to the side of all the festivities, all three dressed up nicely and just observing for the time being/

Everybody’s all excited because there’s going to be a dance later. Let’s hope Mommy doesn’t try to drag me into that again… /sighs, then smiles/ but if she asks me to, I will!

[Lucia]: Dance meeee, dada!

Huh? M-Maybe when you’re a little bigger…I’m not sure you’re tall enough to do so even standing on my feet!

/Mason suddenly looks off toward the nearby Goddess Pond and points/

[Mason]: Her!

/Blinks, looking to where he’s pointing. There’s nothing there/ “Her?” What do you mean?

[Lucia]: /Waves excitedly/ Hiiii~!

/Looks over at the pond again/ …You two have done that at every one of these little springs we’ve visited.

/Turns his attention toward the festivities again, though this time, he swears he saw something out of the corner of his eye. When he looks at where he saw it, though, it’s gone/ Great, you two are making me go crazy now, for real this time!

selphius-josephine asked: *knocks on his door, carefully attempting to peak through cracks in the door*

/Attempting to take care of inventory between Lucia’s increasingly frequent visits from down the hall, excitedly squealing, “Dada, dis!” as she showed him one of her toys, when he hears a knock at the door/ Hm?

/Opens the door, then smiles when he sees the eccentric librarian/ Selphy, hello there! Can I help you with anything?

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A learning… what? *shrugs* The letters do tend ta jump ‘round, I’ll admit. Though if ya tell me it I’ll remember forever and a day.

What does that have to do with- oh. *turns red* I forgot- I didn’t even think- is he a married geezer too? *catches herself* I mean, ya ain’t really a geezer but yer… yer freakin’ married. And yer this young. *shakes her head* I still can’t believe it…

*scoffs* Man, he still bothers with learnin’ that? That’s why I wear pull-on boots, ya know? * shows off her left foot* See? Slip-in, no problem! Keeps the mud off too, and they’re easy to clean.

*laughs loudly* There ya go again, sayin’ that geezer stuff. “Youthful.” Are ya sure parenthood didn’t zap ya all the way to middle age?

/Sighs, making sure to tread lightly/ Well, they’re more commonly known as learning disabilities, but I thought that might make you stop listening immediately. But also, the idea surrounding them is beginning to change. For example, people with a condition called ADHD, also known as ADD…attention deficit - that means “lack of,” so to speak - hyperactivity disorder, may have trouble focusing on one thing for too long. The hyperactive type may fidget and think about nothing but going outside, and the inattentive type would probably lose track of time inside their own imagination. However, while they struggle academically, they can be quite intelligent and creative.

It sounds like you might be slightly dyslexic. Dyslexia can make learning quite difficult, especially in terms of reading. Many people with dyslexia who aren’t diagnosed or treated may go on struggling academically, and…maybe even spend their lives believing that they’re stupid, which is far from the truth!

Oh, Ivan isn’t married, but he is a few years older than I am. He’s incredible, though. He had to raise his younger brother almost entirely on his own from a very young age. He’s very dedicated to his students, and he’s always kind and patient. And I’ve no doubt he’s worked with students who struggle in school. I’ll have to ask him.

Ah, that was just a bit of hyperbole…a gross exaggeration on my part. But really, anyone could be more mature than that kid! Always going off to fight monsters and leaving his fields unattended… /shakes his head/

/Laughs/ Well, I can’t deny I’ve had a lot of growing up to do! I’m lucky not to have gotten any wrinkles or gray hairs from it all…but then again, I find a lot of joy in it too.

Frogs Continue to Invade My Nightmares (Drabble, WPW Animal Dream Prompt)

Erik woke up in the morning, feeling like he was somehow covered in sweat. He sleepily got up and walked outside, ready to take care of his work in the field.

However, he was suddenly wide awake at the sound of a loud splash! that just happened to be caused by his own body falling into a body of water.

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Anonymous asked: How big is that dangerous plowing implement of yours, farmer boy?

Gah! /Instinctively covers up his crotch, very red in the face/ The awful puns again…

A-And the answer is, while I know, there’s no reason whatsoever that I should tell you!

Anonymous asked: Which of the other boys in Trampoli would you be a bottom for?

What?! N-Nobody!! I’ve no interest in other men…a-and even if I did, I don’t think I’d…well…

Never mind, the point is, I don’t have those sorts of feelings about other men!

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Heh. We only had one teacher, and that was Elder. He was… really old and tired most of the time. Still is, but he had more to worry ‘bout than just me- I think he was thankful when I dropped out. I know I sure was.

Ivan….? Is that his name? Huh… he sounds like good people. I guess… I’d be open to that. *fidgets* Maybe.

*smirks* Maybe… it’s nice to hear, at any rate. Thank you. 

/Frowns/ Hmph. Well no teacher should ever be happy to see a student drop out! Ever. So, you need a new perspective! And…I don’t mean to pry, and I don’t mean any offense, but if school was such a challenge, it’s possible you may have a bit of a learning difference. So that would be a double whammy!

Yes, he’s great! And I know that he’s a guy, but I am too!

/Grins/ Glad to hear it! Farmers need to stick together! Even my next-door neighbor, who is so young and immature that he can hardly tie his shoes constantly requires my help! So, even if his youthful inattentiveness prevents him from listening to my wisdom, I do my very best!

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