Hey Young Man!

Good day to you, young man (or lovely lady)! I am Erik, Trampoli's finest farmer. Please feel free to stop by anytime for seeds, crops, or helpful farming advice!

Also, no need to keep asking me whether or not I have a girlfriend...because I have the most wonderful wife a guy could ever ask for!

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Character Development, Day 2 of 30

2.) What are your character’s most prominent physical features?

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If I stay online any later, I may not live to see tomorrow! SCARY MOMMY. Loljk, she’s gotten less scary about it lately.

Anyway, I’ve got replies to do, but they’ll be done tomorrow! So for now, goodnight all, and thanks for all of the shenanigans! <3

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Trying to Make Things Right


"Well, that’s a relief… I was really hoping I didn’t mess anything up. As much as I wanted you to stop working you in that moment, I didn’t want to hinder you forever. At least we both— wait…" She pulls back to grab his arm to pull his hand to her. Her face overflows with worry, looking at the bandages on his knuckles. "Erik! I—" She felt worse now, since she didn’t even notice it the past few days. Then again, she really couldn’t bear to look at him.

Bringing his knuckles to her cheek, she held it there gently, frowning just a bit. “I’m sorry. I hope you’re okay! I could’ve helped you change your bandages and, and— I’m sorry. I wish I had just brought myself to look at you. But I’m glad to see that you’ve been taking care of it. You’ve been cleaning it properly, correct?”

"I’ll listen to it forever…" She murmured, laying her head on his chest. Hearing his steady heartbeat, her nightmare washed away into the depths of her mind and she was smiling. Even her tears had run out by this point and the burning in her eyes started to cool down as they did.

"Hmm.. you’re right." She murmured with a soft laugh, snuggling closer to him, her head still relaxed on his chest. "What sort of wife would I be if I didn’t, though? I love you too much not to forgive you." It was true and really all along she knew she was going to forgive him. Although it pains her to think of the fight they had, it all goes away when she thinks of how it all ended up now.

Bianca was already starting to fall asleep in the comfy position she was in, so she just nodded in silent agreement. She missed this too and the bed was finally warm unlike the past few days. For some reason, it was hard to get to bed without her husband sleeping next to her and the sound of his heartbeat lulling her to sleep.

Even as her body relaxed further and she drifted to sleep, Bianca could hear faintly the sound of rain. At first, she thought it was simple a dream that she was sinking into, but after the sound continued and progressively got louder, she knew it was real. And if she knew one thing that was for sure about farming, it was that rain meant a lot less work that day.

"Yay…" She murmured in sleepy delight while nuzzling against Erik’s chest. The rain was sent down for a reason and silently she believed it was just for them. As the rain continued to fall, she eventually fell asleep wrapped in Erik’s embrace and a small smile resting on her face.

"O-Ow, hey!" He immediately regretted bringing up that act, because as soon as he’d mentioned it, Bianca grabbed his hand and saw where he’d hurt it.

"Of course I’m okay…" he said gently as she started to apologize and worry aloud. "And I’ve been taking care of it, don’t worry. This sort of thing can really sting if you don’t make sure it’s cleaned off!"

He smiled, and put his other arm around her so he was fully hugging her. “A much less patient one, maybe…and I’m glad that’s the case. I just hope I can stay as loveable as I am now.”

He noticed that Bianca was quieting down, and her responses seemed to be growing shorter. So from there, he decided that letting her get some sleep would be good. And of course, falling rain was a perfect sound for drifting off.

She did murmur something, and it took Erik a moment to realize that she’d said, “yay,” which was probably in response to the rain. He hadn’t said anything that could prompt that.

He gave her a kiss on the head before closing his eyes a whispering a quiet, “Yes, I agree…” before drifting off just as easily as Bianca had. The feeling of peace he had just from being with her again was enough to let him get some much-needed rest.

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Yet your ability to turn red is quite strong. Hmm, how funny! *She smiles this time, deciding to be done with her teasing*

*She nods, having put on before leaving the house* Oh, but I’ve yet to reach my back very well. *Begins to take off her clothes to reveal the top of her bikini. After folding up her clothes, she places them in her beach bag and pulls out the sunscreen. She holds it out to Erik with one hand while moving her hair away from her back* Could you help me?

Ahah…y-yeah, I guess it is! Haha…

/Freezes up as she removes her cover-up, but with her request…/

…?! /Stammers for about a second before finally regaining his ability to speak/ S-Sure! Of course I can do that!

[Lucia]: /Points/ Daddy wed!

[Mason]: /Looks at Erik and nods/ Wed. No pink.

…I-I don’t have any idea what they’re going on about now! Haha!

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Oh that’s great then. I miss your family, too. I bet Astrid has grown quite a bit as well! Maybe we could invite them over for a small birthday get together? Mmm, or maybe your mother’s house… *waves her hand like she’s moving away the topic for now* Ah, we’ll discuss that later.

*She nods, following close behind him, a smile on his face* I know I will.

/Smiles/ Oh, I can’t even imagine…hopefully kindergarten has taught her to be a little less bossy! Then again, I’m sure there are more queen bee kids besides her. But that might be even more of a reason!

Heh, now that I think about it, we haven’t done much entertaining here. It’s a lot of work to plan for even just a family gathering! I’m not saying we couldn’t pull it off…just that it would be exhausting.

Okay, then just over here… /hurries into the living room where he gestures to a thick book (or so it appears) with a beautifully detailed cover/ and there it is! I haven’t opened it yet, by the way. /Blushes a little/ I…thought we could do that together…

un-spooling said: [A large envelope arrives in Erik's postbox, a few various twin-themed clothing designs (several of them sailor themed) tucked in with a letter. The letter reads, in blocky and hesitant handwriting:] Dear Erik, I hope this package finds you and your family well. Here are some of the designs for your commission I am sorry for the delay. Please let me know if you would be interested in any of these. My number at the shop is included you may reach my sister or gma too. Please take care. --Candace

/Goes out in the morning to check the mail, and sees the envelope first/ Oh, I wonder what it is! /Opens it, and smiles as he sees the name of the sender on the letter. He goes back and reads the actual letter, and excitedly takes out the remainder of the papers, eager to see the designs/




Character Development, Day 1 of 30

1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

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Friends Reunited! (Erik and Ivan)


Oh, if you’re sure, but I certainly would not have minded helping out. *Smiles as he watches Erik putting away the fallen goods*

It’s perfectly alright. Looking back on it, I can only think of one thing that wasn’t exactly pleasant about the lesson and it wasn’t the fault of anyone, really. *Nods as he listens* Ah, that is right, after all. Hopefully your work and mine paid off, but I guess we can’t be entirely sure, can we?

Hm… Oh dear, you’re right. Though I’ve never really heard of this Union until now, but it sounds awfully troublesome for her…

/Laughs awkwardly/ No…there’s really no way to be entirely sure! Heh…

/Sighs/ I hadn’t either, and I’ve never dealt with them firsthand. But I find them quite irritating regardless. They limit everything! She’s gotten ideas from traveling to other farms, but dealing with the union’s policies makes her completely opposed to the idea!

What’s most frustrating for me is her unwillingness to consider approaching them in a non-combative way. To offer them some of her ideas with some reliable information as to how expanding the type of livestock or crops could actually help them. Apparently, the island where she lives depends on the union’s success, and she’s afraid that if something goes wrong, she could end up losing her home and the respect and trust of the other people around her.

/Takes a deep breath/ So, yes! Anything that could be a potential hindrance to her goals seems like something to avoid. Also, she’s the one doing all of the farming, so she couldn’t work if something unexpected were to happen to her, whereas Bianca was- /Pauses, cutting himself off/

…S-So, um… /Struggles to try and find a new topic not relating to the fact that he could have used a special lesson at one point/ I guess the school where you usually teach is on their summer break, right?

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*She smiles, feeling the bittersweetness of the fact* Yeah, they really are. Pretty soon they can start school somehow too! I’m sure being around kids their age will be fun for them… *She nods, thinking of who could watch them* Ah, do you think your mother would like to spend some extra time with them? Knowing those two, they’ll be trying to see what we’re doing nonstop! *She giggles lightly, thinking about it*

Hmm? *She blinks, wondering what else he could’ve gotten her* Full credit? Who helped you? Ah, wait, what is it first! I can’t wait to see… *she glances at the charm bracelet on her wrist for a moment before smiling back up at Erik* You give the most wonderful gifts…

/Smiles broadly/ I think she would like that! She keeps asking me when she’s going to see all of us next, and I’m sure a day with the twins would be a lot of fun for her!

Yes, that’s kind of what I hoped! It’s in the living room now. /Smiles, heading over that way/ I think you’ll really like it.