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Good day to you, young man (or lovely lady)! I am Erik, Trampoli's finest farmer. Please feel free to stop by anytime for seeds, crops, or helpful farming advice!

Also, no need to keep asking me whether or not I have a girlfriend...because I have the most wonderful wife a guy could ever ask for!

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A Big Boy, a Big Girl, and Appropriate Beds For Both


"Don’t be silly. I must help you even if I can’t carry much." Bianca responded, before catching his joke and pouting for just a second. She mumbled a, "I’m not that short…" Before wiping away the pout with a roll of her eyes and smiling instead as Erik explained to the twins.

She would have done it, but since he was doing such a good job, the woman simply watched with a smile at Lucia’s understanding. Pointing over to an area they could sit down and keep each other busy, while also being safely away from the moving of boxes, Bianca ushered them over. “Stay over here until we tell you otherwise, okay?”

"Kay, mommy!" They spoke together, Lucia being louder and a bit quicker than Mason as usual. After they both sat down and began to chat about something, their mother walked off down the hall and towards the nursery. Meeting Erik along the way and seeing that he was empty handed on his way back for another box, she gave him a light pinch on the arm. "That’s for the short joke."

A playful smile on her face, she triumphantly made her way into the nursery and placed the box down with the others.

Erik smiled. “Somehow I knew you’d say that.” Shifting the box he was carrying slightly so he could secure his grip on it, he started to walk off to set it down.

He was relieved to see that the twins were doing as they were told, though he wasn’t worried about it too much to begin with. Unless a minor squabble came up, then they’d probably be just fine right there playing with each other.

The pinch on his arm caught him by surprise, but before he could ask for an explanation, she gave him one. “Oh, come on! It’s hard to resist, especially when you make that little face after. As if you need to get any more adorable! Because that’s one of the very many things I love about you…you’re so tiny and cute and I can pick you up and hug you whenever I please!”

He laughed softly before picking up another one of the bigger boxes. These things sure had a lot of pieces…he just hoped he’d be able to make sense of them without having to go across the pathway, hanging his head in shame so he could ask Kross for some help.

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A Big Boy, a Big Girl, and Appropriate Beds For Both


After helping both of the twins wipe the left behind food on their faces and placing all the dishes into the sink, Bianca heard the door open and Erik speaking with Anette. The twins were still in their highchairs and Mason had been given another mini bagel after pleading for one. The young mother wasn’t quite sure how much he had already had… but one more wouldn’t hurt him. He was a Sainte-Coquille after all.

When Erik was taking a bit longer than usual when the mail would come, Bianca had a vague idea of what had been delivered. The twins soon realized that their father was gone for a long time and Lucia got her mother’s attention. “Mommy! Mommy!” She exclaimed, and Bianca was quick to turn to her and away from the sink full of dishes.

"Yes, Lucia?" She asked, a small smile on her face. Pointing towards the door, she shuffled in her highchair in hopes of getting out. "Where daddy?" Mason was not taking part in this conversation, but he looked to his mother— mini bagel in his mouth— with a look of curiosity on his face. Deciding to free them from their highchairs, Bianca picked them up and placed them both onto the ground. "Well, I don’t know. Why don’t you go check in the store?" Almost as if Lucia didn’t need the suggestion, she grabbed her brother’s hand and exited the kitchen.

While they were away, Bianca began to wash the dishes in the sink and placed them into the drying rack. However it wasn’t before long that she heard her daughters loud voice and dried her hands on a nearby towel. Turning back around, she saw the two children and Lucia had grabbed her hand once Bianca got close enough. “Help daddy!”

"Oh, with what?" Bianca asked, smiling all the while as she walked back to the front of the house with the two. "Boxes!" Lucia explained, leading her mother to the sight of the many boxes that had arrived. “See!”

"Yeah, I see!" Her amethyst eyes were set on the many brown boxes and her assumptions were correct. Looking up at Erik, she smiled a bit excitedly and chose a box to pick up that didn’t look very heavy. "This should be fun."

Hearing the rest of his family approach, Erik looked up with a broad smile. “Hehe, looks like things are getting lively already!”

Once he saw Bianca pick up a box, he realized he should have explained the help he needed a little bit more…not that the messengers would have done a very good job of conveying it, since their language skills were still fairly limited.

"Ahah, I-I’m sorry…I didn’t mean for you to carry these things around! I was more worried about tripping and falling on the most curious and vertically challenged people here…" He glanced over at her, and a mischievous smile came to his face. She was just too cute, of course, and that made stifling a joke even more difficult. "However, since in this case, you’ve no need to be curious, I’ll make an exception for the latter category."

With that joke out of the way, he looked over at the twins. “Mason, Lucia, listen to Daddy: these boxes are heavy and it’s hard to see beneath them. So you’re going to both have to stand back from when Mommy and Daddy are carrying the boxes…can you do that? Nobody will hurt themselves or cry that way, so it’s really important.”

Honestly, he wasn’t sure if they’d been able to understand that in its entirety, but hopefully, they’d at least get the part about needing to stay out of the way.

"No cwy!" Lucia promptly responded. Well, that tactic had worked, thank goodness. “Stay way fwom boxes, Masey!”

Mason gave her an unamused look, as if to say, “yeah, I get it, and you don’t need to order me around.” Since they seemed to be interacting with each other nicely (a definite benefit of having twins), Erik took that as a sign to start moving the box he was carrying while he had time to do so.

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A Big Boy, a Big Girl, and Appropriate Beds For Both

The idea had been proposed months ago, but with an approaching second birthday, it was time to put it into action.

To make sure he was getting something stable to begin with, Erik had ordered the parts to be delivered. And one morning (after an earful from Anette about having to make multiple trips), the pieces finally arrived.

With a big smile on his face, Erik brought all of the boxes into the house, excited for how happy the twins would be…though he was certainly feeling nostalgic. His babies were growing up, after all.After bringing in the last box, he saw that Mason and Lucia had come to investigate all of the activity. They were still in their pajamas, and had clearly just finished breakfast…well, Lucia had. Mason still had a half-finished mini bagel in his hand (which probably wasn’t the first one he’d had).”Why a box?” he asked quietly, taking a bite as soon as he finished speaking.”You’ll see!” Erik replied cheerfully. Mason gave him an intrigued look, as if to say, “go on, I’m listening.”
Lucia responded to that with a laugh. “We see! We see, Daddy! Masey see it too!”Ah yes, the stage of repetition. “Well, it looks like you’ve got plenty of energy today! Why don’t you go get Mommy so I can move these boxes some more?”Lucia didn’t need to be asked twice, and she was already off with a cry of “Mommyyyyyyyy!!!” Mason followed behind, though he moved a bit more quickly, probably because he was just eager to see his beloved mother again.

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Nothing in Particular [Erik/Bianca]


*Space? Yeah, that was probably for the best… But there was still so much to ask her! A wedding was to be held sooner rather than later and Bianca wanted to know every detail. Especially considering… she wouldn’t get to be there. However, she nodded to her husband.* Yes, you’re right. I’m sure time apart will be the best for the both of us…

*Smiles into his kiss and returns it with a warm feeling bubbling over inside of her. Almost as he mentions sleep, Bianca begins to feel drowsy and exhausted from the events of the day.* Mmm… we should… *She yawns, covering her mouth as she does so. Her eyes slowly flutter closed as she stays closely snuggled towards Erik.*

Goodnight, darling… Love you… mm..

Yes…you’ll have time to both think a little more. And she’ll start missing you again, I’m sure.

/Notices how quickly she’s falling asleep/ Heh, you’re way too cute, you know that? /Reaches over to the lamp without moving too much, turning it off before snuggling closer, and also feeling sleepy all of a sudden/ Mhm…love you too…sleep well tonight…

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Nothing in Particular [Erik/Bianca]


No.. You probably won’t.. *Sniffles.* But I suppose it is better that way.

*An empty sort of laugh leaves her lips and she’s scowling towards the bedsheets.* Oh yes, their loss. No one ever enjoyed me at the parties and gatherings. You amongst a small group of others— an even smaller group of individuals now— find me wonderful.

It’s alright. *The scowl softens as she looks back up Erik.* I didn’t want to discuss this in front of the twins or when you were working. It was able to be held off easily until now.

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/Frowns, and speaks quietly/ Stop that…I don’t like to hear you talk about yourself that way…

/Smiles, though only a little/ Yeah…I guess you have a point there. And of course, nothing sets those two off like seeing their mommy cry. /Kisses her forehead/ It’s because they love you so much.

… /Takes a deep breath, very relieved to see she’s calmed down/ …Yes. And for now, that’s all you can hope for. And it’s not easy to agree to disagree, as they say…but I think you can handle it. Stubborn though you may be, I know you can. And I also think you’ll be able to reconcile with Rosalind, though it may take some time. I think the best thing you can do for the time being is to give each other some space.

Oh… /Blushes lightly as she takes his hand, his heart fluttering for a moment before his expression relaxes into that calm smile that only she can put on his face/ Of course…listening to you is the very, very least I can ever do. And I love you too…so much.

/Cranes his neck upward to kiss her lightly/ Now…should we get some sleep? I have to have some way to keep you close and make sure you don’t cry anymore tonight.

Prompt: If Erik and Bianca Had Never Kissed


On a not-so-busy Thursday afternoon, Erik sighed, leaning forward against the store counter. It was one of those days where he just couldn’t get his mind to focus on getting some of the more business-related tasks for the store finished. It was too quiet for his liking…maybe that’s why he couldn’t think properly? It would be nice if a customer decided to show up…

As if on cue, the door opened, and Erik turned to eagerly greet the customer.

"Welcome! How-"

He cut himself off quickly as he saw that there was no customer, but rather, a visitor. His neighbor from just across the narrow path, Bianca, was standing there looking some combination of annoyed, upset, and embarrassed.

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