Hey Young Man!

Good day to you, young man (or lovely lady)! I am Erik, Trampoli's finest farmer. Please feel free to stop by anytime for seeds, crops, or helpful farming advice!

Also, no need to keep asking me whether or not I have a girlfriend...because I have the most wonderful wife a guy could ever ask for!

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Unknowingly Uncomfortable [Erik/Rosie]


Gently biting her lower lip, looking from Erik to his children and back again as a feeling of guilt started to twist her heart. Nonetheless, she did her best to stand her ground on the matter at hand. 

"… … …" Quietly, "there’s no need to apologize, Monsieur Erik, I am just informing you of what I was told— which was to keep contact with Bianca and yourself to a minimum if at all. I understand my Uncle has long since reconciled with my cousin, as you say, but there are still some feelings of … animosity, to put it bluntly, on my side of the family. "

Rosalind didn’t want him to leave feeling as if his visit was all for naught and so far she assumed he had the feeling that his trip was most certainly turning into something much more then a friendly visit.

"I …" she sighed, very well knowing that what she was to say next could land her in serious trouble with Herman.

"Perhaps, as circumstances are, I could come to Trampoli and visit your family— to keep you all in touch with the events unfolding on my side, of course. Y-You see, a dear friend lives there. Eunice, and after our visits I often have to wait for my carriage to return, it taking a few hours to do so … I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I, myself, would like to keep in touch with the man that made my dear cousin fall head over heels for …"

"But as of now, that’s all I can offer you, I can’t let you come into the house nor will I be allowed to be seen with you like this in such a public setting … Do you understand?"

Erik was doing his best to listen to Rosalind speak, but his own thoughts were deafening. There had been plenty of Bianca’s family at the wedding, but…if Rosalind’s family still felt so much resentment, then how many more felt that way? And more importantly, why hadn’t Bianca said anything to him? The idea of so many people feeling so negatively about Bianca for something that very heavily involved him…well, he just had to focus on the two small hands (of two small people) that he was holding.

He was about to protest, saying that while Bianca would no doubt love to see her cousin again, she shouldn’t risk receiving her father’s wrath. But he stopped, and his heart fluttered slightly when she referred to him as the one with whom Bianca had fallen head over heels.

That’s right…he was such a damned idiot. There was no question he loved and adored her, and would do anything for her happiness…but she loved him back just as much. They were married, for crying out loud, and it was their job to support and love each other, always…that was the promise they’d made.

So, they were in this together…that should have been obvious to him. Still, he needed to talk to Bianca. He needed to make sure that the pain she undoubtedly felt - because even if she wouldn’t admit it to him, there still had to be some - hadn’t been weighing too heavily on her, and making her suffer in silence.

"I-I understand…and I’m very sorry that my presence made you even have to consider going against what your father wants…but I do think Bianca would appreciate a visit. And I’d like to get to know you better as well…I’m always happy to talk to someone who has an appreciation for science, after all! But…only when you see fit, of course."

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Special Lessons | Sara and Ivan and Erik


*Blinks, speechless and rather embarrassed by Sara’s choice of language* Now, Sara, I don’t think that sort of word choice is necessary, but… Let’s just move on.

Okay now, Abby and Stan will demonstrate. Erik, Sara, please watch carefully. *Slowly has the puppets put the condom on the banana, occasionally looking up to make sure the two spectators are paying attention*

H-Hey, since when am I a student too?! I-If I had continued my formal education, I’d probably be in grad school by now!

/Shuts up and watches the demonstration for a few seconds…but then slowly turns away again/ …

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A Letter of Thanks

My Dear Mother-In-Law, Mrs. Evangeline De Sainte-Coquille,

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(Almost) Twenty Years Has Gone So Fast

Hey…it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

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Too much excitement — Erik/Danny


It was rotten anyways, its not like it would’ve hurt. Danny stared at Erik for a few moments before it really registered that he’d even had that outburst. He lowered his arm slowly, then looked away, and mumbled a ‘sorry’ under his breath. He set the broom to the side, and started to dig around under the counter for a cloth to at least wipe it up with.

Danny walked over to the dirtied window, starting to rub at it. It wasn’t getting much out, though. just kind of smearing it, and whatever dirt or various nasties had previously been on the cloth, over the window.
After a few moments of awkward silence, a soft thump came from over where he was. He’d pressed his forehead against the window in frustration, closing his eyes tightly,
"I don’t know if this whole thing is working out, Erik," He said under his breath, "… I mean, you’re the only person in town who likes me. I… I’ve been thinking a lot lately about just packing up and going home."

The obvious change in Danny’s demeanor made Erik kind of relieved, in a way. True, he was embarrassed by his action from before, but at least that meant he was thinking a little more clearly.

He kept his distance as Danny began to lazily wipe off the window, and he was confused when he suddenly stopped. But the way he looked right then…it wasn’t like someone who was pissed off, or tired, or embarrassed by his own outburst. There was something else…

Hearing him start to speak, he took a few steps toward him…and once he finished his thought, he sighed heavily.

The something else he’d been unable to identify should have been easily recognized. After all, he knew it too well. It was the kind of pain that happened as a result of keeping an unpleasant thought around and dwelling on it too much. And Danny was clearly suffering from that.

He walked over to stand closer to his friend, a worried yet stern look on his face. “I really don’t think that’s the case, Danny. Though I haven’t gone around taking a survey - which I don’t imagine you’ve done, either - I don’t believe there’s anyone in town who dislikes you. It’s not like that around here.”

After a moment, he spoke again. “How long has this been going on? This idea of leaving town…” Erik hoped that it hadn’t been in the forefront of his mind for long. Not only could he use that to argue against him leaving, as that would make it too sudden, but also…well, letting an idea like that stick around for too long wasn’t easy to deal with.

To all you wonderful human beings

I absolutely swear I am not trying to ignore you. I always forget how this time of year messes me up soooo bad. In other words, the transition into fall and then winter is not kind to me.

Still, I’m going to do my very best to work on replies when my energy is sufficient! I know you’re all patient and kind, but that almost makes me feel worse for making you wait on my seasonally affected sorry ass!

All of my love to you, and once again, I really apologize.

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Too much excitement — Erik/Danny


Danny’s frown only got bigger and bigger. He grabbed one of the tomatoes off the nearby shelf, chucking it over towards Erik, missing completely and landing a splattered tomato on the window. That was going to be fun to clean up if he ever got around to it.
"Then you just came here to annoy me then? Isn’t that just a little childish?? You’re supposed to be a good role model to those kids!” He exclaimed, “And nuh-uh, don’t even joke about that, You know very well I do NOT want to know what happens between you two. It already makes me sick that the two of you even got married.”

The motion was so sudden that it took Erik a moment to register what had happened. Did Danny try to throw that tomato…at him?

"O-Okay, sorry…I guess I did just come to see how you were doing, but I thought that might annoy you…" This blatant hostility was unusual, at least at this level of intensity, and with almost no warning beforehand.

But damn, that last comment really stung. He had to take a deep breath before saying anything. “Ah…w-well, all right then. Sorry to hear that.”

After that, Erik wasn’t quite sure what to do. Obviously, Danny wasn’t having a good day, and that worried him to no end. Still, he didn’t know if there was anything he could really do about it. Really, though, how would he handle a potential customer if he couldn’t even carry on a civilized conversation with his friend?

Maybe if he just stuck around, Danny could at least get some frustration out by yelling at him, as messed up as that sounded. Ideally, it would be nice if he was actually honest about what had him in such a foul mood, but Erik wasn’t expecting anything miraculous.

Anonymous said: Would you trust Danny to babysit your kids? What about Raguna?

Yes to the first! I’ve no doubt he has experience with that, not to mention he’s an expert when he’s had to deal with my antics in the past!

As for the second…

Well, don’t you think it would be the other way around, anon?

Anonymous said: Has it ever occurred to you that every Sainte-Cocquille ends up having only one parent? It seems to be the one married into the family as well. Do you know what this means?

/Crosses his arms/ Just because there have been two men before me with the same name as mine who died too soon doesn’t mean I’m planning to let that pattern continue.

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Too much excitement — Erik/Danny


Danny frowned at the brunet. If he knew it hadn’t been long enough then why did he come to bother him? He would never admit he was glad for the company, it gave him something to think about besides… Well, other things.

"Its been long enough. I guess,” He looked down at the pile of dust he had swept up, “Erik you do know you don’t have to worry about me, right? I’m a grown man!” He rolled his eyes, “besides, if anything I should be the one worried about you! Tied down with two kids, you’ve got too much on your plate!” He threw a hand in the air dramatically, “How did you even manage that? before me, I mean!”

"I never denied that you were," Erik told him. "If I recall, you’re older than me, too. And what makes you think I’d spend my spare time worrying about the likes of you?" He smiled in a way that would let his friend know he was only joking around.

Deciding to continue on with his stupid jokes, Erik couldn’t help but find an opportunity for another. “Danny, I thought that an adult like you would know how the two kids probably came about! Though I’m afraid if you’re asking for details, that’s out of the question, and very invasive!”